~~ The Attifet ~~

This is a beautiful hat made popular by Mary Queen of Scotland,  it rests on the head, and cradles the face in a heart shape.  Truly a headpiece for a queen. 
It is made of buckram/plastic canvas with a wire frame which will let you shape the headpiece just right for your face and head.  The headpiece is then covered in velveteen or velvet to match or contrast your gown.  It is suggested you use a hair comb to sew into your attifet to hold it in place.

Please ask if you would like some thing special. We can create a unique headpiece to suit your needs!

Plain hats $100

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In Fashion fabric such as Velvet, lining in cotton or satin and trimmed with gold metallic braid. The headpiece has also been hand beaded with faux pearl beads and a large teardrop faux pearl (drop pearls are difficult to get and not always available please inquire if you desire one used on your headpiece.) As shown price $175.00

Fashion fabric, Satin lining and lace trim
As shown price $135.00


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