~~ The Court Dress ~~


Nobility gown:
shown in Caribbean blue velvet with standard filigree trim  and fairy scroll trim on skirt and sleeves and fairy scroll trim on bodice. The sleeves are lined in heavy bridal satin.  Brocade for par underskirt panel with cotton or satin back panels. A satin kicker has been added to the underskirt front.. As shown - $550  Optional beading to bodice or skirt may be added for an additional fee.  (6 bone hoop skirt and chemise sold separately in the undergarment section.)

 Nobility Velvet  Gowns

 Be ye upper or lower nobility the celtic court gown is the perfect choice for ladies of the court.

General pricing listed below for the gown in:

Velveteen - $550 & up

Traditional flat velvet or 100% Rayon crushed velvet  $750 & up

Trimmed in black, silver or gold. Trim prices vary.

View some Trims here

Standard gown comes with solid underskirt.

View some Fabrics here

Please contact us for order information at info@arcanelore.com



fairy scroll trim in gold or silver

filligree trim in gold or silver

Standard Trims for the gown. Fancier trims may be available for an additional cost.
View some Trims here
Below are shown examples of some of the trim and beading variations available for your gown. We have also shown different hat styles with the gowns. Trims may vary...as always we are happy to custom create something for you.

Upper Nobility Gowns

This stunning gown  shows the beauty and splendor of upper nobility.

The gown is made of midnight sapphire crushed rayon velvet with full skirt lining in black cotton. The sleeves have been lined in the same magnificent celtic brocade as the underskirts forpar front panel with open slashing and button loop closure to allow for weather changes.  Heavily trimmed and hand sewn natural pearls adorn the bodice, skirt  guards, sleeves and a matching  veiled coronet. A trimmed and beaded velvet and brocade drawstring purse is also shown.
Gown trimmed  shown: $899.& up.

The gown is worn with a 6 bone hoop skip, chemise and additional optional items of Tudor corset or celtic waist cincher , drawstring bag, headpiece and bum roll.

Please contact us for order information at info@arcanelore.com




Please contact us for order information at info@arcanelore.com



Jacquard gown with satin underskirt and satin sleeve lining. Filigree trim on the skirt and fairy scroll trim on the bodice, no beading. $399.
Chemise, hoopskirt sold separately.

Rayon Flat Velvet Gown with Jacquard lined sleeves, Jacquard and satin underskirt with satin kicker. Trimmed and beaded bodice, sleeves and skirt guards.  This version as shown $699 & up. Chemise, hoopskirt sold separately.

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