~~ Lady Kate Gown ~~
Nobility Collection

Shown in Toast velveteen, rose french satin guards and cuffs.
The trim is hand placed and sewn.  For the beading we used
small 3mm round pearls to create small crosses in between the larger teardrop Baroque natural pearls 

this includes the bodice with the bell sleeve lined in satin, overskirt and underskirt in satin.

General pricing: For Velveteen gown

Gown as shown ( $950.00)
* Prices do not not include additional options, headwear, chemise or hoopskirt.

The Lady Kate Gown is of a style that is very popular with the Scottish courts in renaissance fairs. 
  • The bodice and matching overskirt are made of either velvet, jacquard,  or velveteen. 
  • The bodice is fully lined and laces up the back. We include a modesty panel. 
  • The gown also has wonderful  fully lined sleeves with the upper half slightly fitted and then just above the elbow flares into a bell.
  • As an option you may add cuffs to your sleeves.  The cuffs may be made of the underskirt brocade or faux fur in white, black, or animal print. The sleeves are attached to the bodice.


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This gown should be worn with a chemise and hoop skirt which are sold separately in the undergarment section or you can order them with your gown. 


  • The underskirt is made of three to four panels, depending upon size, using two fabrics.  The front panel that shows is a wonderful fancy jacquard.  Some ladies prefer damasks, brocade or tapestry.  The back panels that do not show on the underskirt are made of cotton or satin so that you don't get over heated in the gown. Royalty or high nobility ladies would have the front panel trimmed in semi precious jewels or beads.   Another variation for the underskirt is to have a "kicker" in which the lower four inches of the skirt are a different color.  The waistband is solid and stitched down.
  • The over skirt is cartridge pleate and generally runs 130+ inches.  Plenty of skirting for hoops of all sizes.  Special widths available.



Options include decorated guard panels in matching or contrasting fabrics that may be embellished with trim, beading or jewel work.  Prices for beading trims and jewel work are available upon request.

Faux furs available as well as white ermine snow seal velvet for lower sleeves - $90 & up depending on where you want it

Headwear is available also from French hoods, coronets, gabled hood and so on, let us know if you need one and we can coordinate the colors to match your gown.

Prices vary by fabrics chosen. Please contact us if you have questions or would like a quote.

Hoop skirts are available with  4 or 6 bones (we recommend a 6 bone skirt for all Tudor, Elizabethan style gowns).

Chemises are available classic, ruffled or lame see undergarments for choice selections

View some of the fabrics


Available in sizes 6 to 32w (see size chart for proper fit)
Children's versions of this gown are available in the Children's section

If, after reading all of the information in this item's description, you have any remaining questions, please feel free to contact us:  click here for information about contacting Arcane Lore

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