Elizabethan Ladies Nobility Court Gown
Here is an example of a custom gown created.  Please contact us with your needs and we can help design your dream gown

Gown style as shown $3500
Bum Roll $60, Tudor/Elizabethan boned Corset $325, Chemise $55 & up, hoop skirt (farthingale) $75. Isabella Veil $150, Isabella frame support $190


  • Early Elizabethan style twill based steel boned bodice side back lacing with period hand sewn eyelets over grommets most of the bodice is hand sewn, Slashed and puffed shoulder rolls

  • Lace in Under sleeve crosshatched with beading

  • Lace in scalloped Over sleeve with buttons

  • Cartridge pleated overskirt with taffeta guards and black work trim with glass jewels and pearls

  • The underskirt is made of silk and taffeta. The detachable forpar or  fancy front panel is made of silk with  crosshatching and beading

Starting at $1500-$12,000 depending on your fabrics,  trim,  detailing and needs
We recommend the following Accessories and Undergarments:
Bum Roll, Tudor/Elizabethan boned Corset, Chemise, hoop skirt (farthingale). drawstring purse

please contact us with your needs and we can create your dream gown

Isabella veil of embroidered organza hangs from a metal frame support that slides into back area between the corset and bodice.

Custom Gowns for Milady may be discussed with our experienced staff at 1-339-440-1766

Shown here in the finishing stages, Lady D wears this one of a kind Elizabethan creation featuring:

Dee tries on her gown for the first time, nearly complete with the exception of some beading on the front- she is utterly amazed and in shock! The gown is exactly what she wanted and all she can say as she gently touches the bodice is "it's  perfect". Her tears of joy tell us that we have done well.  Everyone here except Louis got to see Dee in her new gown and everyone was completely speechless  when they regained their voices all that could be heard is low whispers saying, "My god its beautiful, " Its just perfect" , "This IS the best garb we have ever seen",

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