~~ Lady Catherine I Gown ~~
Our first of the "Nobility Collection"


A gown for for a queen or highborn Noble woman!

The Lady Catherine I gown is a masterpiece in itself, made of rich full pile velvet. This gown consists of separate pieces, the bodice, sleeves, overskirt, and underskirt.

  • Bodice:  the V-waist front laced bodice is fully lined  and then highly hand decorated with metallic trim that is overcast with alternating pearls and gold or silver tone beads. The waist of the gown is lined in pearls.

  • Sleeves:  the sleeves lace onto the bodice through two eyelets and ribbon ties.  They may be slashed if desired or made as shown.  The sleeve cuffs have wide metallic lace trim with pearls.

  • Overskirt:  the overskirt is made of the same magnificent velvet as the bodice, lacing closed through eyelets in front under the bodice.  It is decorated with 2" metallic gold or silver trim with beadwork.  The overskirt has a slight train
  • Underskirt:  the underskirt is made of bridal satin back panels and an exquisite decorative front panel of candlelight French imported gold metallic flower brocade or crisp snow white with silver metallic.

    View some of the fabrics


The below prices listed are for gowns in standard sizing from OUR charts. Should you have any questions please contact us or call 1-339-440-1766 Monday-Friday 9-5pm eastern.

Gown prices do not include Beading. Alterations or accessories.

Outer gown fabric

Flat 100% Rayon Velvet -
$950 Special order colors/ $799 Stock colors

Crushed 100% Rayon Velvet -
$850 Special order colors/$699 Stock colors

Crushed Nylon Velvet
$650 Special order colors/$599  Stock colors

Dupioni Silk
$650 Special order colors/$550  Stock colors

Cotton Velveteen -
$650 Special order colors/$550  Stock colors

*White and Ivory are special order colors

View some of our beautiful fabrics.

View some of the fabrics


Standard Sizing Shown below:
Petite and plus sizing possible please inquire with your needs.
Size A B C D E F G H I J
Bust 29 30 32 33 34 36 38 40 42 44
Waist 22 23 24 25 26.5 28 30 32 34 37



Beading may be added to your gown at the waist, sleeve edge, skirt front and around the bodice for an additional $250.

Bead choices:

  • White or Crem faux pearls

  • Silver or gold tone beads

  • Swarvoski crystals (if available)



    We recommended a farthingale or 6-bone hoop skirt ($75 & up), chemise ($55 & up) and Attifet Headpiece  ($125) with this gown.





If, after reading all of the information in this item's description, you have any remaining questions, please feel free to contact us:  click here for information about contacting Arcane Lore

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